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Never purchase from this website.Guy Minthorne offers a one year warranty but does not honor it.

I purchase a DonkeyKong cabinet and within 6 months the monitor failed. Contacted Guy and he gave me the run around for 1 year before he told me to do what I have to do as far as litigation. STAY AWAY!!!!! He strung me along for a complete year before he got tired of me bugging him to fix my monitor or refund my money.

The product was was made out of cheap materials also.It looked like a 6th grade project but I was willing to live with it until the video monitor went out.



This is so true, I ordered a game from him joystick was messed up he said he would replace it but after several calls and emails to him this Guy person never replaced it.


Guy is a crook, liar and a cheat.We should all get together and close him down.

He doesnt send machines, doesnt refund etc.... What a piece of ***.

This Guy person is a fraud !!STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!


Same here.Wrong machine shipped, endless delays.

When it finally arrived, the monitor was dead on arrival.After months and months of promises, Guy finally told me he wasn't going to fix it.


Agree!Stay away.

He screwed me too! Ordered a game for christmas. He promised he could do it. Got the unit in Feb.

Was not what I ordered.

Guy would not correct the issue, just lead me along until I called him on his bluff.The quaulty of the unit is horrible!!


Agree.This "guy" is a crook!

Did not get what I ordered.

the quality of the product is horrible!Don't buy anything here!!!

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